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Work with me

I am a therapist by degree but a life coach, mentor, and success strategist by experience. I was a high school therapist for 3 years until I suffered from burnout. After leaving my “dream job” without a plan to feed my desire to help people I was distraught. Dealing with the stresses of not working in my career field, I had to reevaluate my goals. After dealing with the depression of feeling like a failure, I had to turn my pain into purpose. It was at this time that I had an AHA moment and started my OWN coaching business.

I had to PRAY about my purpose, create a PLAN to manifest it, and PROFIT to survive.

While obtaining my college degrees and starting/quitting my “career job” I became a self-taught 6 figure business owner. After years of mishaps, failures, closing buildings, losing money, bad investments, and a host of other failures, I finally figured it out and I found ways to have lasting success and make constant gains in business.

Until recently I didn’t feel like I was ready to share my strengths and gifts with the world. I felt like I hadn’t done enough. Over time Ive realized that God had something bigger for me and I had testimony that could help others.